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Decorative pad in sand color

Decorative pad in sand color

Price 6.60
Width 9 cm
Height 1.5 cm
Length 17.5 cm
Availability is available

Decorative eko-resin pad for storing small things - jewelry, glasses, candles and other small things. They are moisture resistant and easy to care for. Dust can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

The design of each coaster is different and unrepeatable! They will have the same color range, but each will differ with a unique design cast.

100% handmade!

The containers are not intendet for storing food or drinks!

When mixing mineral powder with eco-resin, air bubbles are formed, which in turn, when the product hardens, tend to rise and form small "holes". This is a completely normal feature of eco-resin, especially if the product is handmade. The amount of bubbles can be reduced by knocking or vibration, but it is impossible to get rid of them completely.

It can be purchased both separately and in a set with our candle, which will perfectly complement each other.

Size - 15,5x9,1,5cm.