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Casket, soy wax candle "Bear", home decor "Bear"

Casket, soy wax candle "Bear", home decor "Bear"

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The casket and home decor "Bear" are made of eco resin. The chest can be used as an element of home decor or to store loved things or jewelry. Soy wax candle "Bear" without aroma.

This cute set can add coziness and positive atmosphere to the house.

Size : 

Casket - 7,5cm x 3,5cm, weight - 155g;

Home decor "Bear" - 9,2cm x 9,2cm

Candle "Bear" - 6cm x 5cm

When mixing mineral powder with eco-resin, air bubbles are formed, which in turn, when the product hardens, tend to rise and form small "holes". This is a completely normal feature of eco-resin, especially if the product is handmade. The amount of bubbles can be reduced by knocking or vibration, but it is impossible to get rid of them completely.